Once upon a time, a long-long ago (in 2010), a good fellow wanted to eat pizza and inevitably pay for it with bitcoins. And he managed to do it!

Therefore, this is the seventh time that all progressive humanity is preparing to celebrate World Bitcoin-Pizza Day!

We join to this event and invite our clients and partners to a river trip along the Dnieper – we will celebrate #bitcoinpizzaday!

This is a family event, so come with your wives and children.
We will arrange pizza and the ship. We also gonna have a bar on board.

Admission is free, but ONLY WITH INVITATION – the number of seats is unfortunately limited, so registration is required. Bitcoin communities and customers of Kuna.io receive priority – fill out the form and we will send you an invitation:


If you are a client of the Kuna exchange, please specify your email address on the exchange so that we can identify you.

If you receive the invitation, that means that your registration is confirmed.

Details on Facebook.